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Plant Hire

WB Design & Construction offer a range of operated plant solutions. Work can be carried out on a by the hour or day basis or on a quoted basis. The Below is a list of some of the hired in plant solutions we can offer. 

service Packages

1.5 Ton Digger Hire

Available for hire with an operator. We have a range of attachments making this machine a very versatile machine whilst being compact and allowing access and use on tight sites, attachments include:

– Large range of digging buckets.
– Tilting grading bucket.
– Landscape rake.
– Ripper tooth.
– Riddle bucket.
– Post hole borer.
– Concrete crusher.
– idig 2d digger guidance

8 Ton Digger Hire

Available with an operator. The 8 Ton machine is equipped with a tilt-rotator, which makes this a truly versatile machine, allowing much more productive working than other machines in the same weight class. A range of attachments make this machine a truly versatile excavator, attachments include:

– Tilt-rotator.
– Large range of digging buckets.
– Ditching Bucket.
– Soil Screener.
– Bulk loading bucket.
– Ripper tooth.
– Grading beam.
– Post knocker.
– Riddle bucket.
– Pallet forks.
– Sorting grab.
– Power brush.
– Tree sheers.
– Trench roller.
– idig 2d digger guidance.

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